Existing Industries

Our existing industries are the heart of our county. Check out the industries that make Williamsburg County the destination. 

Company Name City Parent Country Type of Operation
Agru America Andrews Austria Manufacturing 
Baker Transportation, Inc. Lake City USA Service
DSM Nutritional Products Kingstree Netherlands Service
Embroidery Solutions, LLC Kingstree USA Manufacturing
Hemingway Apparel Mfg. Hemingway USA Manufacturing 
Hemingway Refrigeration & Locker Co. Heminway USA Manufacturing
House of Raeford Farms, Inc. Hemingway USA Service
ITI Hydraulik USA Andrews Canada Manufacturing
Lane Manufacturing, LLC Lane USA Manufacturing
Micro Fusion Technology Hemingway USA Manufacturing
Nan Ya Plastics Co., America Lake City Taiwan Manufacturing
Palmetto Paper Tube, Inc.  Hemingway USA Manufacturing
Palmetto Pump Systems, LLC Kingstree USA Manufacturing
Palmetto Synthetics, LLC Kingstree USA Manufacturing
Peddinghaus Co.  Andrews USA Manufacturing
Pierce Machinery Andrews USA Manufacturing
Solmax USA, LLC Kingstree USA Manufacturing
The Truss Company, Inc.  Salters USA Manufacturing
Three-D Metal Works Andrews USA Service
Tri-County Cotton Salters USA Manufacturing
Tupperware US, Inc. Hemingway USA Manufacturing
UPL, Inc.  Kingstree India Manufacturing
Valley Forge Flag Kingstree USA Manufacturing
Valley Forge Flag Hemingway USA Manufacturing
WasteZero, Inc. Hemingway USA Service
Watford Industry, Inc.  Kingstree USA Manufacturing
Williamsburg Packing Co.  Kingstree USA Service
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