Goals & Objectives

This information has been prepared by the County Supervisor’s Office.

Williamsburg County has established clear goals and objectives. County departments have established performance measures to ensure that goals and objectives are met. See how Williamsburg County plans to reach these goals and objectives to ensure the efficient and effective use of tax dollars to serve you.

Vision for Williamsburg County

(Based on Countywide Guiding Principles)

  • Efficient and Effective Government
  • Ethics and Accountability
  • People over Politics
  • Quality Constituent Serve

 Countywide Mission

To provide citizens with efficient and effective services and operations of county government that will enhance their quality of life.

Countywide Goals

  1. Provide high-quality public services to customers and constituents
  2. Improve the way county government does business
  3. Improve the county’s financial strength
  4. Invest and create job opportunities for the workforce

Countywide Objectives

  1. Evaluate services and operations and implement strategies to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Establish procedures for evaluating the performance of appointed and elected officials and department heads
  3. Improve reserve ratios
  4. Promote workforce development and job creation through the county’s Economic Development, NESA and the Strategic Plan