COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

As you may be aware, we are facing one of the worst pandemics in our lifetime. Millions have been infected with the virus worldwide and thousands have died. As a citizen of Williamsburg County, we are working to educate all our citizens on what you can do to prevent the spread, but also, what to do if you become infected with the virus.

Listed below are a few pages that you can find very helpful information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), and some local guidelines as it pertains to Williamsburg County.

CDC - How to Protect Yourself                                                          CDC - What To Do If You Are Sick

SC DHEC - COVID-19                                                                      SC DHEC - Statewide Testing Sites

SC DHEC - Nursing Home COVID-19 Data                                      SC DHEC - COVID-19 Cases

Effective July 13, 2020, Williamsburg County Council passed ordinance 2020-03 requiring person to wear face covering (mask) in public areas. This ordinance will expire in 60 days from date passed, but may be extended.

--Listed below are the daily totals that we receive from DHEC. We do not have control over the numbers or the totals, we just report what they send to us. Totals may change due to possible cases becoming confirmed.

COVID-19 Cases
9-23-2020 9-24-2020 9-25-2020 9-26-2020 9-27-2020 9-28-2020
2 new (1319) 5 new (1325) 2 new (1326)  0 new (1327) 9 new (1335) 4 new (1339)*
9-29-2020 9-30-2020 10-1-2020 10-2-2020 10-3-2020 10-4-2020
1 new (1337)* new () new () new () new () new ()