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Jan 14

The Future of Farming

Posted on January 14, 2021 at 8:43 AM by D'Asia Green

From the Director's Desk

Agriculture profoundly influenced the culture of Williamsburg County and was the primary source driving the economy for most of our history. Presently, manufacturing has replaced agriculture, accounting for the largest percentage of jobs in the county. We may never become a metropolis, which means we should never abandon the historical tradition that sustained this region for so many centuries.

The presence of food deserts is increasingly placing pressure on governments, agencies, and institutions to provide solutions to thwart hunger and nutritional deficiencies. Williamsburg County boasts 934 square miles of rich, fertile land. Agribusiness Technology will become an important occupational sector in the very near future.

Future famers will utilize drones and other unmanned vehicles, artificial intelligence, information technology, robots, and sensors to produce crops with great precision and efficiency. We can take advantage of an opportunity to develop our vast geography and our future workforce, to fulfill the growing need for food and other agribusiness demands by exploring the future of farming!


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